Medical Psychology is the fast-growing, highly specialized field of working with the mind/body connection to assist in recovery from physical injury or illness. Dr. Wilbur and Dr. Liguori have advanced degrees in Clinical Psychology as well as extensive training and experience in the field of Medical Psychology, and continue to receive professional training/education regarding the latest medical treatment options on an ongoing basis.

We provide a wide variety of counseling and educational services to assist people in coping with medical situations including pre- and post-surgery support, adjusting to chronic physical conditions, emotional support, and educational services. We offer these services to family members and significant others as well. Our goal is to help you come up with a recovery plan based upon your individual situation and needs, then work with you and your physician to see you through to a successful recovery.

We accept a variety of insurance plans, including Worker’s Compensation, Medicare, and many private health insurance plans. Some insurance plans may require pre-authorization by your insurance carrier for these services. If you have any questions regarding whether your insurance plan will cover the cost of these services, please feel free to contact us. We are always willing to openly discuss our fees for service.


Philosophy of Care


We believe that every person is different and therefore reacts to illness or injury in their own unique way. We also believe that our patients are an integral part of their treatment team. As such, we first meet with each new patient to better understand their unique situation and identify their individual needs. With permission, we then contact the patient’s treating physician to explore any specific medical treatment concerns, and use that information to help our patient determine their own individual treatment plan and recovery goals.

All information shared with us is held in strict confidence. We recognize our patients’ right to decide what, if any, personal information is to be shared with other care providers, and honor requests to keep personal information confidential. We encourage you to discuss any concerns you may have about the confidentiality of your personal information with us at any time.